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FIT Reno Trainer Jon Benitez
Jon Benitez

Certification: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CPR

Phone: (775) 762-8007
Email: jbenitezreno@gmail.com

Jon Benitez

Like most children I was involved in competitive athletics most of my youth and teen years. Seven years of soccer, four years of football and three years of basketball and track has left me with a strong understanding of what it takes to successfully stay in physical competitive shape.

The first day I stepped foot into a weight room and witnessed athletes training to become bigger, stronger and faster I knew that it was an environment for me.

Over the past 5 years I have dedicated myself to training with the goal to build an aesthetically pleasing look. With the right balanced program I have gained strength and vascularity. I have found that my training has brought great balance to my personal life and has made me a better person overall.

My goals in the fitness industry is to share what I have learned with anyone willing to learn and achieve a fitness goal they have. So whether it be, bodybuilding, sports performance, weight loss or just general fitness, give me a call for your free consultation and “WE” will get you started on your fitness success.

National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified TRX Trainer.

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Phone: (775) 762-8007
Email: jbenitezreno@gmail.com
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Client Testimonials

Jon is saving my life.

I started training with Jon at 46 years old and 250 lbs. I was not healthy and not happy. Since I started, I have lost weight, inches, and self-doubt. Most important is what I have gained: confidence, strength, and overall improved health. It is evident Jon skilled in his trade, using proven training techniques with a variety of equipment and providing nutritional guidance with accountability. He is ever-watchful of form and corrects me as needed to ensure I don’t hurt myself. Jon marries capability with potential, all the while providing encouragement with “Atta Girl’s” and “Yeaaahhh!s”. He sees in me what I don’t always see in myself, but I come away with a sense of accomplishment and sore, but stronger, muscles!

- Kathleen

I've worked with Jon for nearly a year now. Being over the age of 50, working at a desk job, and only doing swimming for exercise (a good workout, but not a 'weight bearing' exercise), my overall physical condition had deteriorated to the point where I needed to make some changes. I greatly appreciate Jon's ability to work with clients of all age ranges, all of whom have different issues, in a positive, low-key, "smart" and encouraging way. In the past year, in the group workouts he runs, I've never had the exact same workout twice. He always manages to hit the same muscle group in a different way, as well as working different muscle groups each session. Challenging, varied, often difficult but fun workouts - with great practical benefits & reduced risk of injury - packed into a 1 hour session. Despite the usual age-related wear-and-tear, I'm now able to move, twist, lift, etc. better than I have in years. Ordinary day-to-day activities we all have, are now easier than before. This may sound odd, but even something as simple as getting up off of the couch is easier now than a year ago due to improved strength and stability. My only regret is not having started some sort of program like this, many years earlier.

- Gerard W.

I have been working with Jon for nearly a year. He is able to find balance between being tough and hard-hitting through workouts as well as encouraging and motivitional when needed. Jon's commitment and enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle is contagious, and throughout this year I have become a stronger person mentally, emotionally, and physically. Whether you are an athlete that has been out of the gym for some time and looking to get back into it, or a person trying the gym for the first time, Jon will be able to help and motivate every step of the way.

- Erikka W.

I’ve been working out with Jon for the last 1.5 years in his boot camp sessions. I had just had a couple major surgeries and other health related issues earlier in the year so I was unsure about what I would be able to do but knew I wanted to regain some strength and mobility. Jon was amazing with me and others in the classes. He will modify exercises, provided encouragement to push yourself, and provides a variety of exercises to keep you going all while ensuring that all parts of you are worked. He has this way of motivating you to do things that you wouldn’t think were possible all while sharing his knowledge and passion of getting fit. Looking back on what I couldn’t do before to now on what I can do is truly incredible and I can’t thank Jon enough for being a part of my journey to recovery. Jon, I’ll see you next week for my nemesis excise of the frog jumps!

- Karen

Jon's trainig style is both fun and engaging. His methods produce fast and lasting results. He is adaptable to many styles and fitness levels. I have been extremely pleased with all that Jon offers.

- Mark

I train with Jon twice a week. Every class different and challenging and fun to participate in. Jon brings a great dynamic to training. We laugh and joke and find a way to enjoy the sweat rolling off our faces from being pushed and challenged. I look forward to every session.

- Annie

I must be the laziest client you have, but at least I show up on a semi regular basis. I know that I am difficult to keep motivated, yet you keep me moving. I know that you know I like potato chips and hamburgers, but you don't make me feel bad about this you make me work harder so I can continue down that junk food road. You encourage me to push through and to think about the results and not the pain. You remind me that this is all about me and that you are there for me. Thanks Jon, I appreciate all that you do!

- Juli

Jon has changed my life! I was originally hestiant about working with a trainer because I wasn't interested in bulking up. I thought I would find the exercises boring and, as an equestrain, I did not think he would understand my sport. Jon has specifically tailored his workouts to my goals, working in a diet plan that had been achievable, flexible and impactful. I had seen several physical therapists for some balance issues I was having, with little to no success. Jon was able to identify after only one assessment, where the instability came from and how we could correct it together! Jon's plan has been higher repetitions, to lean out my muscle mass, exercises that make working out fun and unilateral balance routines to help me perform better in the saddle. I am a believer!

- Tiffany

When you train with Jon, you don't get just a trainer; you get a customized workout, progress tracking, and the tools to succeed on your own when you're ready. Unlike most trainers, Jon provides you with knowledge you will need to have a great work out without him. From the initial meeting, be prepared to work hard and see those results. I have been seeing Jon for about 5 months now, I have not been disappointed.

- John

Jon Benitez

I have found that my training has brought great balance to my personal life and has made me a better person overall.

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